Traveling Around Fethiye – The Second Homes For Tourists

There is an international atmosphere in the tourist town of Fethiye. The town serves as a gateway to the inland country-side, and is probably unique in the world for having sarcophagus in the streets. The place has an excellent marina and is popular for having a good night life. The pre-Roman Lycian relics take on a spectacular sight in the floodlit night. Although the population of the town is around 50,000, there is a population surge due to off-shore residents coming here during high season from April to October as summers are spent here as their second homes.

Get in to Fethiye

There are direct connections by roads to other cities in the country from Fethiye, including Bodrum, Marmaris, Izmir, Antalya, and Istanbul, among others.

By plane

The nearest international airports to reach Fethiye are the Antalya or Dalaman. Antalya is about three hours drive while it takes about one hour from Dalaman to reach Fethiye.

By car

Fethiye is connected with north (Marmaris, Akyaka, Muğla and Southern Aegean) through D400 highway and also to east (Antalya), lying along the Lycian coast. However, a mountain road runs from Antalya through the sparse juniper woods going to inner Lycia via Korkuteli, although a branch also exists to Denizli on the north.

Car Hire Tips and Driving Rules


A convenient way to move around in Fethiye is with taxis. The cars can be hired right from near the hotels, supermarkets, and resorts. One can flag down a taxi on the street as well. You can also ask the hotel staff to book a taxi for you.

One good aspect of taxi services here is that drivers speak good English and it will be easier for you to tell where you want to go. The taxis have a yellow color on them and they have meters that determine the amount you have to pay for your travel. However, you can negotiate the price, especially when you are going for a long journey.

Car hire

The prices for petrol are quite high in Turkey, and the best way to cut travelling costs is to get the services of car rental suppliers that also lease diesel cars.

A good number of companies exist that rent their cars. The charge depends on the duration of usage of the car. You need to have your passport and international driving license during signing process of the contract. Ensure that all the existing damage is noted in the contract before signing paperwork. Driving here is on the right. If you meet with an accident, call the car hire contractor.

Your age should be 22 years old or over with a driver’s license valid for a minimum of two years. Once you are handed the car, the responsibility of keeping the car in good condition and accident-free rests on you.

Sometimes, you could be stopped at entrances to villages and towns by local gendarmes. You need to show your valid international driving license, passport and the car documents. Hence you should make sure that all those papers are with you whenever you drive.

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Car Rental: Never Pay Retail Rates Again

Since the global financial crisis, expenditure on travel has plummeted. For those who are still able to afford travel, customers are certainly spending more time and effort to find the best deal, and car rental is no exception.

The traditional car rental company marketing strategies like customer loyalty, corporate rates etc have all been brought into question. Car rental companies have had to adjust to the challenging times and come up with new marketing strategies to stay in the game, all the while having to protect their brand name.. Avis, Budget, Europcar and the like.

So how do the car rental companies stay competitive and still protect their brand name? That’s where “no name” marketing kicks in. We have seen the concept utilised in many other commodities including supermarket items, wines etc. For companies it’s not all about profit, and the term “Cash Flow is King” is paramount for survival. They still have the outgoings like wages, rent etc to pay.

Car hire brokers have sprung up, whereby companies can offer hugely discounted deals on car hire without disclosing their identity upfront. This is important, as they are protected from customer and competitor scrutiny, all the while protecting their brand name. They may offer a limited number of extraordinary deals at rates not available under their brand name. The car hire broker has no affiliation to any particular company, and simply presents the available deals in best rate order.

The winner is the customer, as these “no name” deals offer exceptional value. At the time of booking you will know the category of vehicle etc, but will only know the car rental supplier after you have booked. This is not for everyone, but considering that most rental companies have a similar fleet of vehicles available at a particular location, do you really care who supplies it? There is a 90% chance your vehicle will be supplied by one of the leading companies including Alamo, Avis, Budget, Dollar, Enterprise, Europcar, Fox, National, Pay Less, Sixt or Thrity.

Brokers have often negotiated special inclusions like unlimited mileage, reduced insurance excess etc. Make sure you know what is included when comparing rates.

So when looking for the best deal on car hire, if the brand name is disclosed, you may be getting a better deal, but is it the best deal? With the internet it’s never been easier to compare car rental rates. Take the time to compare rates and you will be rewarded!

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Does Car Hire in Protaras Make Sense?

If you’re holidaying in the Cypriot resort of Protaras any time soon, you may be mulling over the idea of renting a car during your stay. But taking in to account the added cost of renting a vehicle for one or two weeks, does hiring a car in Protaras make sense?

First of all, you need to decide how you intend to make your way to the resort from the airport. As Cyprus does not have a rail system and bearing in mind Protaras is over 40 minutes from Larnaca airport, you will certainly need access to some form of road transport.

Many tourists opt to book a taxi transfer to the resort at a cost of around 70 Euros per person for a return ticket. While taxis are a great, hassle free way to find your accommodation as quickly as possible, the price of transferring a family of four or more can be as expensive as renting a car, especially if you’re only holidaying for a week. If you are travelling in a party of four or five, it probably makes sense to rent a car and enjoy the benefits of having transport at your disposal between your arrival and departure.

Having successfully found your accommodation, you’ll more than likely want to gather supplies, especially if you’re staying in a villa. With a rental car, your shopping options are immediately broadened.

Shops in the heart of the resort tend to be a little more expensive than those further afield and can lack the variety of the larger supermarket chains. With access to a car, holidaymakers have the opportunity to visit Paralimni’s largest supermarkets Carrefour and Orphanides, popular with the locals for the variety and savings on offer. Transporting heavy grocery bags will no longer be a problem, providing the car you choose has plenty of boot space!

While Protaras has plenty of bars, restaurants, shops and beaches spread across the entire strip, hiring a car will give you the opportunity to explore the surrounding area at the drop of a hat. There’s the magnificent rocky landscape of Cape Greco for a start, with warm clear waters proving great for snorkelling. There is also the town of Paralimni, with several traditional restaurants offering remarkably authentic Cypriot cuisine. Last but not least, the resort of Ayia Napa, notorious for its nightlife and party atmosphere, can be reached by car in as little as 15 minutes.

Protaras boasts a number of beautiful beaches, all within walking distance of the resorts’ hotels and holiday villas. For this reason the most central beaches can become a little overcrowded with sun-worshipers. Having a hire car at your disposal grants you access to the tranquil beaches just outside the main resort, such as Konnos beach and Sirena Bay to name a few.

If you are a holidaymaker from the UK then driving a hire car in Cyprus could not be simpler. Unlike many other European holiday destinations, in Cyprus you drive on the left, the same as in the UK and all road signs are in both English & Greek. The road network is modern, comprising several motorways and mainly paved roads. What is more; all the roads on the island are toll free and there is plenty more free parking than in the UK.

Considering the above benefits it is possible to recognise that hiring a vehicle would certainly enhance your holiday experience in Protaras. Not only does a hire vehicle give you added convenience, the fact that there is little traffic on the roads makes for a very pleasant drive.

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Collecting Your Alicante Airport Car Hire and Reasons For Renting an Alicante Car Hire

Alicante airport car hire is very easy to organize and yet is going to be an essential part of your journey. You will find the car rental desks in front of you as you come into the arrivals hall, just after you have picked up your luggage. Once you’ve picked up your vehicle keys and gone through all the paperwork you should exit the airport and you will find the car rental parking bays directly across from the main entrance. Many people visit Alicante every year most of them coming through the provincial airport or to one of the airports in the neighboring provinces. There has been an airport in the province for a number of decades and the modern airport is growing exponentially with the increase in tourists visiting the area. In this article I’m going to show you how to get the best out of your Alicante airport car hire and some tips on securing the best price.

Reasons for Renting an Alicante Car Hire

As I said previously, it is very important to you to rent a car when you are visiting the province of Alicante. There is so much to see and do in Costa Blanca and unfortunately once you leave the confines of the larger cities such as the capital, Benidorm, Elche, Orihuela, or Calpe, you are going to find it very difficult to get any public transportation. The province is fairly large and the list of activities and things to do is enough to fill the average fortnight’s holiday ten times over.

You will see and do a large huge amount without renting an automobile by just staying in the city such as the beautiful beaches and boulevards but you would also be leaving so much on the table, this is because much of the value in the Costa Blanca is only accessible by car.

The main car-rental companies at Alicante airport include Avis, Europa, Record, Hertz, Sol Mar, Auriga, Atesa, Europcar, and Centauro.

Tips on getting the best value from your Car Hire

• Always book your car in advance. There are over 50 different companies that are competing for your car hire in Alicante. The difference between one company and another company in terms of pricing could be as much as twice the price. So it really will benefit you if you take the time while you are in the comfort of your own home to search through the different rental websites. There are also travel supermarkets which will give you a list of special deals and prices.

• Always check the small print. You have chosen your car type, length of stay, and you realize that you’ve got a great price. It’s only after you’ve gone through all the details of logging your information and inputting your credit card details that you find out there are hidden costs, such as ridiculously high excess insurance pricing or charges for additional drivers etc (most companies here will not charge you for adding one additional driver).

• Always get a car with air conditioning when you are coming to Alicante. This is especially true during the summer months because of the weather can be extremely hot. You will find that most of the vehicles that are available will have air conditioning as a standard feature but you can never be too careful, there is still the odd chancer who will try to palm you off with an extra charge for air conditioning.

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Fuel for Thought for Car Hire

Have you noticed that, despite the price of petrol and diesel having nearly doubled in the last 6 years, it seems to take just as long to fill your tank? Makes you wonder if the petrol pump maintenance people have started slowly the rate of flow from the pump, just so we are not too shocked at how little we are getting for so much these days.

Here’s another sobering thought. Whilst we tend to measure a cars fuel economy in miles per gallon, we buy it by the litre. So, do you know what a gallon of fuel costs?

Well, it’s a simple enough calculation, 1 gallon = 4.546 litres. At today’s average pump rates in the UK, which is around £1.35 a litre, a gallon is well over six quid!

So, it makes good sense to really consider how best to choose, drive and refuel your next hire car.

Here are some helpful hints.

1/ Before you choose your vehicle, calculate how many miles you will be travelling on your round trip. Then reference that against the manufacturer’s published miles per gallon or litre figures. This will give you an indication as to how much fuel you are likely to use on your trip.

2/ The manufacturer’s potential mileage figures will be based upon a ‘best-case senario’ which can mean that their figures will represent a carefully driven test drive, over normal terrain in none-to-extreme conditions. Factors which will reduce fuel economy, however, include bad weather, winding roads, hill-climbing, stop-start traffic and low gear driving. Not to mention having a lead-foot.

3/ On the other hand (or should it be foot?), factors which can help optimise fuel economy include choosing open road driving – motorways, dual carriageways, A-roads. The flatter the terrain the better. East Anglia for example, will be more a more efficient landscape than say, the Scottish highlands or Snowdonia. Also, the more driving time you spend in 4th or 5th gear, the less engine-revs you clock up. Ergo, you should use less fuel. At least, that’s the theory. The quality of your driving will always be a deciding factor.

4/ Obviously, the bigger the car engine, the more fuel it is likely to use. That said, if you’re passengers are a Sumo wrestling team, you will struggle to fit them in to a small hatch and the poor car may give up on steep inclines. So be realistic about your passenger and baggage requirements.

5/ If you have the opportunity, consider hiring a car that has a fuel economy monitor as part of the its onboard computer. You can set this to tell you how much fuel you are using per mile/kilometre depending on how well you’re driving. Mind you, one word of warning – it is inclined to make you paranoid about your driving – like having a phantom nagging mother-in-law in the back seat!

6/ Of course, a really sensible option is to consider one of the new ranges of hybrid vehicles. Not all car hire companies offer these energy-efficient vehicles and not all manufacturers make one. But hybrids do provide the opportunity to switch to ‘silent running’ on the car battery only. So, where a non-hybrid vehicle consumes more fuel in low gear situations like around-town, stop-start driving, a hybrid can run on battery only and fuel consumptions is reduced. Thus, some car-makers are claiming around 73 miles per gallon from their hybrid offerings. At around, £6.13p a gallon, that’s not bad value.

The potential downside of a hybrid is the absence of anything resembling an enjoyable driver’s drive. Or to put it another way, it’s an efficient but deathly boring way to get around. They can even look dull. So if you regard driving as a source of fun, you may wish to hire something with a bit more glamour and grunt, and ignore the extra cost at the pump.

7/ At the end of the day, it’s all down to why you need to get from A to B. Fun, necessity or business? Whatever your reason, if you’re travelling some distance, you can’t escape buying fuel at some point; even if it’s only to return your hire car to the operator with a full tank. So, where you buy your fuel does have a significant bearing on how much you pay. Generally speaking, motorway service stations have got you trapped. At least, that’s what the higher than average prices they charge suggests. Major supermarket chains tend to fight it out to be the cheapest. So, look out for they are offering at the pump. Also, the fast-disappearing local village garage struggles to keep things going these days. They will keep their prices down if they can. If given the choice, support a local garage if you can. They are usually a lot friendlier as they take your money!

8/ Lastly, don’t get too hung up on finding the cheapest fuel around. The difference between one provider and another can be negligible. So don’t risk running out of petrol just to save 60 pence on a full tank. Also, it’s a good idea to ask your car hire company to point out the nearest petrol station in preparation for your return. It is often the case that you are driving around looking for a service station just to top up the tank before handing the car back fully loaded.

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